In 2008, we set out to build a company decided to be industry leader

Media Kavosh (Medika) is an Iranian knowledge- based company and leader of infusion therapy systems, medical suctions, electro surgery units and inhalation therapy devices. Our trusted trademarks include Mediject, Mediflow, Medineb and Surgiseal.  Media Kavosh (Medika) meets applicable regulatory requirements national wide and the countries where we sell our products. Media Kavosh operates in an ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facility.

 We are proud of the “Medika” name and the significant impact our products have had on the national medical industry and the patients we serve. Our trademarks stand proudly for patient safety, innovation, and quality products and have done so in past decade!


In 2015, greatly expanded the portfolio to offering Design Service for world class medical devices.

Today, Media Kavosh is the first and only Medical Device Design service provider with a full complement of design, development, and manufacturing services national wide. We successfully partner with innovative companies (both large and small) worldwide to create advanced products for a number of medical specialty areas.

Medical device product definition, technical engineering and product development use our exclusive process. Prototype and volume production are delivered in an ISO 13485 certified facility.

With a dedicated team of medical device experts, Media Kavosh takes great pride in providing our customers with high quality, innovative solutions to meet the challenges of today’s marketplace.