medineb 300+ Ultrasonic Nebulizer

The fully equipped device

Our complete system allows you to own a fully equipped equipment to meet all your requirements. All our systems are fully loaded and ready for immediate application.

Incl. medicament-cup and bonnet for nebulizing smallest quantities from 3 ml on.

Additional water-control-device complete with cannula for diverse bottle systems for continuous nebulizing.

Fitted with mobile trolley, adjustable support, support for aerosol tube, bottle support, heating wire, autoclavable nebulizing chamber, and bacteria filter, mains cable.


Due to easy handling and noiseless operation the medineb 300+ is also especially suitable for home care.

High operating security because of automatic frequency-swing and electronic prevention from operation without liquid makes this product easy to handle. Air stream and intensity are infinitely variable.

The self-regulating continuous feeding system makes the use of stock bottles of up to 2 liters possible.

The application of sterile-water systems is easily possible without change.

All parts that need to be cleaned can be detached comfortably by means of a plug-in connection.


The medineb ultrasonic-nebulizer converts electrical energy with a frequency of 1.7MHz into mechanical oscillation.

These high frequency oscillations cause the smallest aerosol particles to detach from the inhalation liquid.

The resultant aerosol particle size is below 5 microns which is small enough to deliver the aerosol into the respiratory tract, bronchi and alveoli.

The Medineb 300+ is designed for the delivery of all commonly inhaled medications in the treatment of various respiratory diseases and includes the delivery of hypertonic saline for bronchial provocation testing and for sputum induction.

Smallest quantities (3-30 ml) of medicaments are nebulized except for a small residue.

Additional equipment like mouthpiece and mask support the specific treatment.

Heated inhalation

medineb 300+ is already equipped with heating function. The heating cable consists of an adapter with casted heating cable and connection cable with plug and is simply placed into the regular aerosol-tube.


medineb 300+ meets highest hygiene requirements due to the use of disposable articles like the bacteria filter for the carrying air.

All parts getting into contact with the patient and the aerosol are suitable for sterilization or disinfection respectively.