mediject Syringe Infusion Pumps

– Extremely simple to use.

– Operates in: ml/min, ml/h and ml/24h.

– Calculates flow rate basing on volume and delivery time.

Extended features:

– Infusion flow rate programmable in ml/h and other frequently used units including: ng, µg, mg, µU, mU, U, kU, µmol, mmol, mol, / kg / min, h, 24 h.

– Numerous infusion modes such as: continuous infusion, intermittent infusion, infusion with profile (up to 24 cycles).

– In addition, can store in memory a drug library of 120 full drug dosing protocols, with infusion parameter limits. Displays drug name throughout infusion.

– Comprehensive configuration options: advanced protection system, night mode, alarm options.

– Soft limits (min max) warn when recommended values are exceeded but do not prohibit the introduction of changes. Hard limits (min max) disable introduction of any values from outside prescribed range.

Upgradeable to PCA mode:

– Designed to fight against acute pain. Equipped with a patient-operated button which starts the delivery of programmed drug dose and a syringe cover with a lock.

– An option to switch to standard infusion modes.

Basic Functions:

Large and legible graphic display which constantly displays:

  • Name of the medicine
  • Flow rate
  • Power status and power supply type
  • Infusion pressure and preset occlusion alarm level
  • Size and type of syringe

Wide range of syringes can be selected from all major known /domestic brands and of the following sizes: 5, 10, 20, 30, 50 ml.

Automatic syringe loading and recognition simplifying and speeding up pump maintenance, reducing the initial infusion errors.

Simple to set up and easy to operate – Quick data entry with the use of numerical keyboard. All parameters can be adjusted without infusion interruption.

Different infusion units ng, µg, mg, µU, mU, U, kU, µmol, mmol, mol, / kg / min / hour / 24h.

Battery operation- Equipped with rechargeable battery to operate 10 hours at 25 ml/h with recharging time of 5 hours

Data lock – Programmed parameters can be password-protected. Additionally, sophisticated function protection system allows blocking access to chosen functions, i.e. infusion start, bolus start, occlusion threshold change, pump switching-off.

Bolus fully automatic and manual – Possibility of programming dose, time or flow rate.

Anti-Bolus System – Automatic reduction of residual bolus after occlusion release.

11 levels of occlusion pressure – Possibility to adjust the pressure level during infusion. Pressure indication displayed constantly during delivery.

Sophisticated system of alarms – Allows different tones and loudness. Built in night mode with the option to set lower sound level as well as reduce display brightness.

Event logs – Allows storing full infusion history (parameters, operator activities and alarms along with the date and time of occurrence) for 2000 events. The stored information can be viewed either on the pump’s display or on PC.

Drug library – Up to 120 drug dosing procedures can be stored in pump’s memory along with all the essential infusion parameters. Additionally, upper and lower, soft and hard limits for all infusion parameters can be entered in a drug library to minimize medications errors and ensure overdose protection. Soft limits warn about exceeding recommended values, but do not block values entered. Hard limits prevent from entering values that are beyond the range. The drug library can be entered as follows:

  • directly from the pump keyboard
  • sent from pump to pump
  • created in Medika Drug Editor software and set to the pump directly from a PC